Case Study - Leak Testing



To supply a High Pressure Audit Leak Test System with the ability for PC Datalogging. The customer required an alternative to testing parts under water for the quantifiable leak testing of their cast brass components.  An addition need was for all results to be logged via a PC.

A number of variants need to be tested using high pressure nitrogen inside the product. 


TQC supplied a system based around their standard leak test solution. This includes a self-guarding drawer leak test fixture and a leak test instrument.

Customer parts are loaded into interchangeable tooling within the leak test fixture, the drawer is closed and the leak test automatically started.

The testing includes a gross leak test to ensure the instrumentation is not damaged and a fine leak test to ensure the part does not leak in excess of the pass/fail parameters set.

The leak test used -0.2bar vacuum external to the part and 34bar nitrogen internal to the part with an air leakage limit of 50 cubic mm per sec.  The test was completed in around 25 seconds.

The data logged by the system included batch data, part number, die number and test results.

Key Benefits

The customer gained a facilty for the quantifiable leak testing of their product.  The system can accomodate part variants easily via interchangable 'drop-in' tooling inserts. All test results are automatically logged for any tracking purposes that are required.

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